Living Sober

Living Sober: 4 Tips From a 15-year Survivor

This Friday I will joyously celebrate 15 years of living in recovery. I would never have expected in those early days of sobriety my life could become what it is today. Freedom is an incredible place to live. It’s so easy to let our lives spiral out of control through our addictions. As I’ve said […]

DIY Elliott & ET Costume

DIY Elliott and ET Halloween Costume

My daughter is a huge fan of 80’s movies, so it was no surprise she wanted to base her Halloween costume this year around one. She showed me a picture of an Elliott and ET costume from Pinterest and asked me to recreate it. My wonderful brother-in-law happened to have some very old handlebars that looked […]

21 Days of True Healing

21 Days of True Healing and a Giveaway!

As promised in my last monthly health update, today I’m sharing an incredible new program and offering it for free to one of you lucky friends. This program has been truly life changing for me and that is not a phrase I use often. Please note: I’m not a medical professional. This is my personal […]

Turning to Food: October Update

Turning to Food: October Update

Do you use food as an escape? I have done this for far too long and am working hard on finding us all a way out. One month ago, I pledged to take 3 steps to help stop this detrimental habit of Turning to Food: Forgiveness and Acceptance Choose real, God-given foods, not man-made, highly […]

Catfishing My Facebook Friends

Catfishing My Facebook Friends

I’ve been committing an internet crime for a while now. Have you heard of the movie and follow up TV show, Catfish? It’s about people who use someone else’s pictures in their online accounts and make their internet friends believe that’s who they really are. I’m a catfish — in an accidental, unconventional way. For […]

DIY House Art in PicMonkey

DIY House Art in Picmonkey

One of my first DIY posts almost a year ago was an Artsy House created in Photoshop Elements. It’s time to create a new one to match the colors in my redecorated living room. I decided to make this one on the website for those of you who do not have Photoshop. Everything in this tutorial […]

Turning to Food: An Addict’s Journey

Turning to Food: An Addict's Journey

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I wrapped up my 31-day series on food addiction. I must admit the time since I dropped that incredibly helpful food plan has been one excruciatingly long relapse. Food is my friend. Except when it’s not… I use it for things it was never intended for. […]

DIY Chalkboard Art

DIY Chalkboard Art

I recently redecorated my living room. A friend of mine made some fabulous drapes for me out of a fabric I fell in love with, and I planned the whole room around it’s pattern and colors. Pictures coming soon! One of the projects for my new room was decorating the mantel. I transformed an old, […]

Letting Our Kids Fly… Literally

Letting Our Kids Fly... Literally: My daughter's skydiving adventure

One of my biggest fears is my daughter’s fearlessness. She has a love of adrenaline surges. While I’ve known this for years, her announcement of a desire to skydive both shocked and deeply dismayed me. This trait did not come from me. I fear everything. This need for new adventures she inherited from her father. […]

The Best Yes: Making Choices

The Best Yes: Making Choices

This post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s “The Best Yes” Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers.  To learn more and join us, CLICK HERE. Making choices is an area I struggle with greatly. I either over-analyze the decision to death, altogether paralyzing myself or say […]