When Depression Kills

When Depression Kills

One week ago today, I spent another day in bed capsized by the recurring depression I’ve shared so often here. However, this particular day will forever stand out to me. Around 6pm, my daughter came in to tell me Robin Williams, one of our all time favorite performers, was dead.  I immediately googled the details […]

Nesting With The Nester

Nesting With the Nester

I’m in a season of nesting right now. I haven’t posted in over 2 weeks and greatly enjoyed some much needed time taking care of my family and home. I’m so happy to be back today sharing a couple of recent celebrations and an awesome book I just read. My beautiful daughter just graduated from Cosmetology […]

Relax and Refill

Relax and Refill

We are of no use to anyone if we don’t take time to relax and refill. Being a giving, loving mother, wife, daughter, … is impossible without giving to and loving ourselves. I know as a Christian we are taught to put others first. I understand. However, if I don’t take time out to recharge, […]

Being A Mom Is Tough

Being A Mom Is Tough!

Being a mom is the most stressful, incredible, emptying, and rewarding job in the world. The paradox of motherhood keeps me in a state of madness on most days. I made huge mistakes when my daughter was young and I was still trapped in addiction. After so many years of sobriety and being a mom, this […]

On Writing: A Blog Hop

On Writing: A Blog Hop

Over the past year, I have been so blessed to meet some wonderful people in the blogging world. I never imagined when I started what a loving community awaited me.  My sweet friend, Mary, came into my life through Proverbs 31 online Bible studies. She recently invited me to join in a Blog Hop where we answer […]

DIY Burlap Marriage Verse Sign

DIY Burlap Marriage Verse Sign | CandaceCreates.com

The supplies for this project have sat on my dining room table for well over a month. I’m so happy to finally finish this sign and I love how it turned out. It’s easy and economical DIY art that can be personalized with any verse or quote. If you have any questions, let me know […]

From Worker to Worshiper

From Worker to Worshiper: Finding Freedom in My Stories

I never thought I would see a day where I would work for free. Most of my life I chose jobs with the highest salaries. I even decided on my course of study in college by what degree might pay more. When I finally, at the age of 30, graduated with a Computer Science degree […]

Google Plus June Link Party

Mommy Is CooCoo Google Plus Link Party

Welcome to the final Mommy Is CooCoo G+ Linkup Party for the summer! This is a fantastic place to grow your circles and make new friends. I haven’t been creating any DIY projects lately thanks to an amazing vacation I recently took. Between packing my kids and getting them to Grandma’s, preparing myself, and actually […]

Candace Creates in London

Candace Creates in London: Top 5 Places to Visit

I just spent an amazing 10 days in London with my husband. We left the kids at home and while he worked during the day, I had lots of quality alone time for sightseeing. Here are my 5 favorite places: 1. Westminster Abbey This beautiful structure held most of the British monarchs’ coronations, the funeral of […]

Prayer Walk in Hyde Park

Prayer Walk in Hyde Park

I was so blessed to visit London this past week with my husband on his business trip. My kids were safe at home with relatives, so while my husband worked during the day, I had a lot of wonderful alone time. One of my Bible study assignments was to take a prayer walk. I immediately […]