Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks and a Link-up Party

It’s the time of year we always sing praises of all we are thankful for— family, friends, homes… After making my gratitude list, I realized there is the greatest praise of all I regretfully left off: the blood shed by Jesus. As we enter this holiday season of Thanksgiving, quickly followed by our celebration of […]

Watching Our Kids Leave The Nest

Watching Our Kids Leave The Nest

A letter for my beautiful, inspiring daughter as she embarks on her new life and home next week… (The picture above is her leaving our house on the first days of kindergarten and her senior year of high school.) My sweet angel, You saved my life when you entered the world almost 21 years ago. I […]

Turning to Food: November Update

Turning to Food: November Update on my road to food addiction recovery

I’m not sure why both of my incredibly successful food addiction programs, the 21-Day Belly Fix and 31 Days to Recovery, happened to end around Halloween 2 years in a row. I have decided it’s God’s way of telling me sugar cannot be stored in my house for more than 24 hours. Each year I […]

Hutch Transformation

Trash to Treasure: Antique Hutch Transformation

I went to an antique show a few weeks ago in search of a hutch to put on a buffet my grandmother left me. I found this incredibly old and dirty wooden piece with a ton of potential: I’m not really sure what it used to be, but I loved the cubby holes. It had […]

Choosing Thankfulness

Choosing Thankfulness

I’m a natural pessimist. My mind seems to gravitate to negative thoughts. My husband dubbed me his little half-empty wife very early in our marriage, already realizing this quality in me. He is incredibly half-full. Always. He calls it a choice. While I often questioned my ability to actually choose optimism, I’m beginning to agree […]

Living Sober

Living Sober: 4 Tips From a 15-year Survivor

This Friday I will joyously celebrate 15 years of living in recovery. I would never have expected in those early days of sobriety my life could become what it is today. Freedom is an incredible place to live. It’s so easy to let our lives spiral out of control through our addictions. As I’ve said […]

DIY Elliott & ET Costume

DIY Elliott and ET Halloween Costume

My daughter is a huge fan of 80’s movies, so it was no surprise she wanted to base her Halloween costume this year around one. She showed me a picture of an Elliott and ET costume from Pinterest and asked me to recreate it. My wonderful brother-in-law happened to have some very old handlebars that looked […]

21 Days of True Healing

21 Days of True Healing and a Giveaway!

As promised in my last monthly health update, today I’m sharing an incredible new program and offering it for free to one of you lucky friends. This program has been truly life changing for me and that is not a phrase I use often. Please note: I’m not a medical professional. This is my personal […]

Turning to Food: October Update

Turning to Food: October Update

Do you use food as an escape? I have done this for far too long and am working hard on finding us all a way out. One month ago, I pledged to take 3 steps to help stop this detrimental habit of Turning to Food: Forgiveness and Acceptance Choose real, God-given foods, not man-made, highly […]

Catfishing My Facebook Friends

Catfishing My Facebook Friends

I’ve been committing an internet crime for a while now. Have you heard of the movie and follow up TV show, Catfish? It’s about people who use someone else’s pictures in their online accounts and make their internet friends believe that’s who they really are. I’m a catfish — in an accidental, unconventional way. For […]