Why We Write

Why We Write: The reasons that keep us moving forward...

I’m so happy to be back today after my intentional time away. I had about four exceptional weeks completely unplugged from social media, writing, and blogging. That time was wisely spent focused on my precious family, spending two of those weeks together in beautiful Hawaii, which I plan to share more about very soon. While […]

When It’s Time to Unplug

When It's Time to Unplug: Finding balance through a few weeks offline...

Do you ever get that crazy overwhelmed feeling of everything being out of balance? I’m there right now. My attention is being spread too thin and I think it’s time to unplug for a short time. I catch myself telling my kids to find other things to do away from screens. Almost immediately after, I […]

Turning to Food: May Update

Turning To Food May Button

Last week, I shared the phase I’m in on my journey towards my dream of optimal health. Although it’s labelled death, on a positive note, resurrection is sure to follow in some shape or form. This is keeping me moving forward regardless of feeling incredibly stuck at times. I’m thrilled to report, things got exponentially […]

Walking In Faith

Walking In Faith IG

I’ve been trapped in an ongoing battle with my health for years now. Many words and updates are scattered in this space as I’ve tried to honestly and whole heartedly share that struggle with you. Lately, my frustration in this area is overwhelming. Poor health is such a vicious cycle. Making bad food choices inevitably […]

Letting Friends Break Down Your Walls

Letting Friends Break Down Your Walls... How to build intimacy even when it's hard.

I’m an introvert in every sense of the word. My energy comes from the revival of long stretches of time spent alone. I can go weeks without contact with another human — besides my husband or one of my children. I’ve learned in recent years, however, this is not always the healthiest way to live. We were […]

Women of Joy

Women of Joy: Stronger 2015 Tour... An incredibly inspiring weekend!

I spent the weekend with some incredibly inspiring women, both onstage and by my side. The speakers were fantastic. I want to share a little of each of them with you. (Please excuse the poor iPhone photography. I definitely should have lugged my good camera along.) Friday night, I heard for the first and hopefully not last […]

Finding Space to Breathe

Finding Space To Breathe IG

My life is stuffed full. During each second, in every corner, something is begging for my attention. I have definite hoarding tendencies in all areas of my life. My house is stuffed with things. Over Christmas break last year, we took at least 6 truck loads of cast aside belongings to Good Will. Yet I […]

The State of Restlessness

The State of Restlessness: How I'm finally escaping it...

I’m an incredibly restless person. My mind is in a constant state of spinning, always wondering if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be, living in the right place, reaching out to who needs me… Lately I’m dreaming of selling everything, moving to the country, and raising a garden and chickens to become completely self-sufficient. […]

Google Plus April Linkup Party

Welcome to the April Mommy Is Coo Coo Google Plus Linkup Party!

Welcome to the always fun and inspiring Mommy Is Coo Coo linkup party! This is a fantastic place to grow your circles and make new friends on Google Plus. Before I get to the linkup, I want to share a new creative outlet that combines my love of art and my faith. Instagram introduced me to an amazing […]

The Lundbys: A Broken Family

The Lundbys: A Broken Family

A few months ago, I sifted through some old boxes of toys from my daughter’s childhood. I was mourning her moving out and wanted to recapture younger days. Instead of getting lost in her memories, I was transported back to a time in my own childhood. I came across a small car that belonged to […]