A Hunger For God

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There’s a cozy spot on my couch with a large indention and a few broken springs. It’s my spot, where I spend the majority of my day. I read, write, pay bills, watch TV, and even sometimes eat there. These comfortable spaces we all have aren’t necessarily bad. It’s when they become obsessions or things […]

Getting Healthy Through Fasting

Getting Healthy Through Fasting: How to create a healthier body using the 5:2 fast diet plan...

I skipped the past couple of months in the Turning to Food series thanks to the Summer season. My schedule, food choices, and everything in between were completely thrown out of the window the day school ended in May. I’m so thankful to finally rejoin my food addiction series today. New additions will now be titled […]

Mending Our Hearts

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Many years ago, I sat at my grandmother’s well worn, oak kitchen table talking to her sweet widowed neighbor. This woman lost her husband a long time before our conversation, but her pain was as intense as if he had died the day before. She said to me, “People say time heals all wounds. They’re […]

Waiting For The Miracle

Waiting For The Miracle: Why you should refuse to give up...

I’m a quitter. I love to start new projects, but finishing is not an area in which I excel. From half-finished crafts around my house to the trim in my bathroom I never painted to match the rest of the walls, I too quickly move on to the next line of my to-do list. Sometimes […]

The Grass Is Always Greener…

The Grass Is Always Greener: Seeking contentment...

My husband has this little saying about me: I never like what I order. It started out as a joke at restaurants because I truly always regret my order shortly after placing it. The phrase has now become a blanket statement about most of my life choices. I’m always questioning everything I do, wondering if […]

Finding Freedom By Forgiving Our Pasts

Finding Freedom Through Forgiving Our Pasts

When I was an innocent child dreaming about my future, I never imagined the incredibly dark days that lie ahead. As I’ve shared many times here, I became an addict at the frighteningly young age of 13. This led to places, people, and circumstances that I should have never been associated with. I thought about […]

Why We Write

Why We Write: The reasons that keep us moving forward...

I’m so happy to be back today after my intentional time away. I had about four exceptional weeks completely unplugged from social media, writing, and blogging. That time was wisely spent focused on my precious family, spending two of those weeks together in beautiful Hawaii, which I plan to share more about very soon. While […]

When It’s Time to Unplug

When It's Time to Unplug: Finding balance through a few weeks offline...

Do you ever get that crazy overwhelmed feeling of everything being out of balance? I’m there right now. My attention is being spread too thin and I think it’s time to unplug for a short time. I catch myself telling my kids to find other things to do away from screens. Almost immediately after, I […]

Turning to Food: May Update

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Last week, I shared the phase I’m in on my journey towards my dream of optimal health. Although it’s labelled death, on a positive note, resurrection is sure to follow in some shape or form. This is keeping me moving forward regardless of feeling incredibly stuck at times. I’m thrilled to report, things got exponentially […]

Walking In Faith

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I’ve been trapped in an ongoing battle with my health for years now. Many words and updates are scattered in this space as I’ve tried to honestly and whole heartedly share that struggle with you. Lately, my frustration in this area is overwhelming. Poor health is such a vicious cycle. Making bad food choices inevitably […]